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About Us

I suppose, Go Wild: American Adventures really began my freshman year at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. I told people I lived in Eastern Oregon and they said, "Where? Bend?" No, farther east, the real east, where there are more cows than people, where a traffic jam means waiting at a stop sign longer than 30 seconds. I began taking friends home, friends from the city, and many friends from overseas, from Tokyo, Japan, from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Every time it was the same- we stepped out of the car after the five hour drive from Portland, looked up at the starry sky, and mouths dropped open. The more I explored the mountains in my own backyard, the more I realized, yes, this is something worth sharing. And so, Go Wild was born.
Our mission hasn't really changed much since those first nights in my driveway. Dedicated to environmental education, partnerships with community businesses, and international outreach, Go Wild: American Adventures seeks to: foster enthusiasm for the outdoors and the rural lifestyle, enliven the local community, and above all, have a wild good time. 

Our Guides
All our guides, whether leads, contracted, or volunteer are first-aid / CPR certified and dedicated to safe, fun adventuring.

Dan. founder

After backpacking across Europe, circumnavigating Korea by bicycle, and an array of other international adventures, Dan decided to bring the adventuring to his home turf. He has worked ecology for the USFS, as a trip leader at his alma mater, Lewis & Clark, as a journalist in Korea, videographer, sous-chef, and as resident giver of positive vibes wherever he finds himself. "Go Wild isn't just a business, it's a way of life"

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PAT. chef behind the scenes 

If you've gone on a Go Wild tour, you've heard of Pat. And odds are, you have Pat to thank for that delicious campfire meal you just ate. While Pat's no longer with Go Wild in the flesh (he's working as a nurse in an ICU in Billings), he lingers on like a good bold red. Pat helps Dan design and test recipes in the off-season so that you can reap the benefits at camp. 


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American Packrafting Association
Alpacka Packrafts
Go North Packrafts in Portland Oregon
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